Learning through fun, music and adventure


3 - 5 years

The 3-5 year old class lets our imaginations run riot. We’ll go on magical adventures with dinosaurs, pirates, fairies and animals of every shape and size! We will use the instruments to help us sing along to our favourite songs and count in time to the beat, building on your child’s numeracy and listening skills. Every week we will also practice our sporty skills by having little relay races, working on our balancing, learning to be part of a team and continuing to learn our colours and shapes. Your child will build on their social skills as well as their agility and confidence, whilst all the time having lots of fun!

Each week we will focus on practising a different skill such as:

  • Ball skills – throwing, catching, kicking and ball control
  • Under, over and through – using our bodies and some equipment to move in different ways
  • Balancing – balancing different objects and balancing ourselves along an obstacle course

As well as lots of fun physical activity we also do a game each week to work on our numeracy skills and our memory recall by playing counting games and using flashcards and other brilliant bits of equipment to help your children brains get ready for school! As well as all this we also end each class with some parachute games!

We will repeat the classes throughout the term to help build your child’s confidence and make sure everyone has a go at everything.