Learning through fun, music and adventure


A jitterbugz birthday party is fun packed with adventure!

A jitterbugz birthday party is fun packed with adventure! I offer a variety of themes such as Pirates and Princesses, Superheroes, Dinosaurs, and Animals. I will turn up in character ready to go on a quest with my mini adventurers to help me recover the magic sweeties, treasure or dinosaur eggs! But before we go adventuring we’ll have to get fit and make our muscles reallllllly strong, just in case we bump into any naughty nemisisisisisis along the way!

We will do a couple of fun warm up games, then go off on a wild make-believe adventure which will involve lots of running, swimming, flying, hiding, shouting, crawling and jumping as the children help me follow a map to find the treasure!

Treasure safely recovered, we will play a couple of games and then get the parachute out for yet MORE games and a very important Happy Birthday song!

Then it’s time for the mini adventures to stop for party food for half an hour while I set up the obstacle course!

Then there is time for a few more games with the parachute before it’s time to say goodbye.

These parties are aimed at children aged 3-8.

For the older ones the make believe adventure can be adapted so that the children have lots of commands to listen out for and perform actions to, the more commands – the trickier the game!

With parties for the younger ones I may need a little bit of help from the grown ups during the parachute games so the children get the most fun out of it.

Parties are £180 for two hours, or £130 for one hour, for up to 25 children.

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