Learning through fun, music and adventure

About Jitterbugz

Learning through fun, music and adventure

My name is Katie Fox, I have been working with children for the last 17 years as a party entertainer, nursery worker, and have been a nanny for the last 10 years. Having always taken children to various classes and having had a son of my own I felt it was time I tried putting some ideas into action and thus Jitterbugz was born!

I’ve got heaps of enthusiasm and come rain or shine I am ready to jump, roll and twirl about whilst shaking a maraca and maybe even creeping through a jungle in search of buried treasure!

Children have the ability to make you smile over the simplest things, and they in turn often find the simplest things the funniest! I strive to help encourage every child to grow in confidence and ability, and most importantly to make sure they have fun, I bet even the grown ups will have fun too!


4 - 18 months

My baby classes introduce your baby to a world of colourful sensory experiences and new sensations which will help their emotional and physical development through the senses of touch, sight and sound. Using instruments to sing songs encourages turn taking and rhythm whilst developing a familiarity with counting, colours and actions. We have lots of colourful equipment, such as finger puppets, scarves, lights and instruments to help develop eye muscle control and tracking, and lots of games to introduce the notion of cause and effect. We have a baby stretch session at the start of each class to help warm up baby’s body whilst at the same time helping to release tension and strengthen the parent/child bond by giving you time to sing and play with your little one. Each week we do a bouncy ball song where the babies can be sat on top of a lovely brightly coloured ball which helps strengthen core stability and balance, plus bouncing is so much fun!


18 months - 3 years

Toddler class is filled to the brim with fun, music, and laughter. Using a variety of instruments and equipment encourages turn taking, sharing, co-ordination, concentration, and listening! Activities, songs and experiences vary weekly, so the children are being introduced to new stimulating learning opportunities and there is always something new to look forward to. As well as singing we’ll do short brain play sessions where we’ll go on mini adventures with lots of actions to encourage the children to move in different ways such as jumping, marching, crawling, fast, slow, twirling, big and small.

We’ll also do lots of games to encourage balancing, such as obstacle courses, and have fun learning how to sort colours and shapes. Your child will be developing a vast number of skills whilst playing and having fun.


3 - 5 years

3-5’s class starts off with a few songs to get us warmed up and build the children’s confidence. We’ll do some favourites and maybe one or two silly songs to get us giggling! Warm up action games and fun make believe adventures help to engage the children in the activities and environment, and help to develop listening and concentration. In this class I will choose one or two main skills to practice each week, such as ball skills, balancing, sorting, throwing, catching, kicking, under and over and through.

We will work with the equipment and the music to develop concepts of fast and slow, and big and small movements. We will finish each class with some parachute games and lots of smiles!

For these classes each child gets a stamp collecting book so each week they will get a stamp and can work towards getting a milestone certificate!